Our Fabric

Sourced from Peru, Pima Cotton is considered one of the finest cottons in the world.

Named after the Native American Pima people who first cultivated it in the United States, Pima cotton is now predominantly grown in Peru, where the ideal climate produces long and strong fibers.

What sets Pima cotton apart is its luxurious feel and superior durability.

Its longer and finer fibers make it softer and silkier, while being more resistant to tearing, fading, and pilling, making it perfect for high-end clothing.

Pima cotton is also hypoallergenic

Making it a smart choice for people with sensitive skin. It's breathable, moisture-wicking properties regulate body temperature, and keep skin dry, making it perfect for warmer climates.


Pima cotton is low-maintenance, retaining its shape and color after multiple washes. Its natural resistance to wrinkles and shrinkage make it a top choice for luxury clothing that's easy to care for.

Experience the exceptional quality and sustainability of Pima cotton.

The greatest cotton in the world, for luxurious, high-quality clothing that lasts.