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Why did the scientist install a knocker on his door? He wanted to win the No-bell prize!
I wanna make a joke about sodium, but Na..
Oxygen is proven to be a toxic gas. Anyone who inhales oxygen will normally dies within 80 years.
The person who invented the door knock won the No-bell prize.
If it wasn’t for physics, I’d be unstoppable
I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.
Organ donors put their heart into it.
I wasn’t going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind
Cells multiply by dividing.
Rest in peace boiling water, you will be mist.
Geology Rocks
What do you have to do to have a party in space? You have to Planet.
What’s a geologists favorite response to his kids asking ‘why’? Because he sediment it!
I’d tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.
How does NASA plan its company party? They planet.
I wanted to be an astronaut, but my parents said the sky was the limit
I never understood odourless chemicals, they never make scents.

Other Good Science Words – Good for Creating Your Own Science Puns


A) Abiosis, Abrade, Absorption, Acceleration, Accumulation, Acid, Acidic, Activist, Adaptation, Agonistic, Agrarian, Airborne, Alchemist, Alignment, Allele, Alluvial, Alveoli, Ambiparous, Amphibian, Amplitude, Analysis, Ancestor, Anodize, Anomaly, Anther, Antigen, Apiary, Apparatus, Application, Approximation, Aquatic, Aquifer, Arboreal, Archeology, Artery, Assessment, Asteroid, Atmosphere, Atomic, Atrophy, Attenuate, Aven, Aviary, Axis

B) Bacteria, Balance, Bases, Biome, Biosphere, Black hole, Blight, Buoyancy

C) Calcium, Canopy, Capacity, Capillary, Carapace, Carcinogen, Catalyst, Cauldron, Celestial, Cells, Centigrade, Centimeter, Centrifugal, Chemical reaction, Chemicals, Chemistry, Chlorophyll, Choked, Chromosome, Chronic, Churn, Classification, Climate, Cloud, Comet, Composition, Compound, Compression, Condensation, Conditions, Conduction, Conductivity, Conservation, Constant, Constellation, Continental, Convection, Convention, Cool, Core, Cosmic, Crater, Creature, Crystals, Cycle, Cytoplasm

D) Dampness, Data, Decay, Decibel, Deciduous, Defoliate, Density, Denude, Dependency, Deposits, Depth, Desiccant, Detritus, Development, Digestible, Dilute, Direction, Disappearance, Discovery, Dislodge, Displace, Dissection, Dissolution, Dissolve, Distance, Diurnal, Diverse, Doldrums, Dynamics

E) Earthquake, Eclipse, Ecology, Ecosystem, Electricity, Elements, Elevation, Embryo, Endangered, Endocrine, Energy, Entropy, Environment, Enzyme, Epidermis, Epoch, Equilibrium, Equine, Erosion, Essential, Estuary, Ethical, Evaporation, Event, Evidence, Evolution, Examination, Existence, Expansion, Experiment, Exploration extinction, Extreme

F) Facet, Fault, Fauna, Feldspar, Ferment, Fission, Fissure, Flora, Flourish, Flowstone, Foliage, Food chain, Forage, Force, Forecast, Forensics, Formations, Fossil fuel, Frequency, Friction, Fungi, Fusion

G) Galaxy, Gastric, Geo-science, Geothermal, Germination, Gestation, Global, Gravitation, Green, Greenhouse effect, Grotto, Groundwater

H) Habitat, Heat, Heavens, Hemisphere, Hemoglobin, Herpetologist, Hormones, Host, Humidity, Hyaline, Hydrogen, Hydrology, Hypothesis

I) Ichthyology, Illumination, Imagination, Impact, Impulse, Incandescent, Indigenous, Inertia, Inevitable, Inherit, Inquiry, Insoluble, Instinct, Instruments, Integrity, Intelligence, Interact, Interdependence, Interplanetary, Invertebrate, Investigation, Invisible, Ions, Irradiate, Isobar, Isotope

J) Joule, Jungle, Jurassic, Jutting

K) Kilometer, Kinetics, Kingdom, Knot

L) Laser, Latitude, Lava, Lethal, Life, Lift, Light, Limestone, Lipid, Lithosphere, Load, Lodestone, Luminous, Luster

M) Magma, Magnet, Magnetism, Mangrove, Mantle, Marine, Marsh, Mass, Matter, Measurements, Mechanical, Meiosis, Meridian, Metamorphosis, Meteor, Microbes, Microcosm, Migration, Millennia, Minerals, Modulate, Moisture, Molecule, Molten, Monograph, Monolith, Motion, Movement, Mutant, Mutation, Mysterious

N) Natural, Navigable, Navigation, Negligence, Nervous system, Nesting, Neutrons, Niche, Nocturnal, Nuclear energy, Numerous, Nurture

O) Obsidian, Ocean, Oceanography, Omnivorous, Oolites (cave pearls), Opaque, Orbit, Organ, Organism, Ornithology, Osmosis, Oxygen

P) Paleontologist, Parallax, Particle, Penumbra, Percolate, Permafrost, Permutation, Petrify, Petrograph, Phenomena, Physical property, Planetary, Plasma, Polar, Pole, Pollination, Polymer, Population, Precipitation, Predator, Prehensile, Preservation, Preserve, Pressure, Primate, Pristine, Probe, Process, Propagation, Properties, Protected, Proton, Pulley

Q) Qualitative data, Quantum, Quark, Quarry

R) Radiation, Radioactivity, Rain forest, Ratio, Reaction, Reagent, Realm, Redwoods, Reeds, Reflection, Refraction, Relationships, Reptile, Research, Resistance, Resonate, Rookery, Rubble, Runoff

S) Salinity, Sandbar, Satellite, Saturation, Scientific investigation, Scientist, Sea floor, Season, Sedentary, Sediment, Sedimentary, Seepage, Seismic, Sensors, Shard, Similarity, Solar, Soluble, Solvent, Sonic, Sound, Source, Species, Spectacular, Spectrum, Speed, Sphere, Spring, Stage, Stalactite, Stalagmites, Stimulus, Substance, Subterranean, Sulfuric acid, Surface, Survival, Swamp, Sylvan, Symbiosis, Symbol, Synergy, Synthesis

T) Taiga, Taxidermy, Technology, Tectonics, Temperate, Temperature, Terrestrial, Thermals, Thermometer, Thrust, Torque, Toxin, Trade winds, Transformation tremors, Tropical

U) Umbra, Unbelievable, Underwater, Unearth, Unique, Unite, Unity, Universal, Unpredictable, Unusual, Ursine

V) Vacuole, Valuable, Vapor, Variable, Variety, Vast, Velocity, Ventifact, Verdant, Vespiary, Viable, Vibration, Virus, Viscosity, Visible, Vista, Vital, Vitreous, Volt, Volume, Vulpine

W) Wave, Wax, Weather, Westerlies, Wetlands, Whitewater

X) Xeriscape, Xylem

Y) Yield

Z) Zero-impact, Zone, Zygote

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