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Punny Jokes To Start Your Day Right

Need a pick me up for the day? Check out this gallery of clever punny jokes collected from all across the internet!

How creative of this yacht owner! I bet she’s a gem šŸ™‚

b-yacht-ch - Yacht Pun

You always open the good punny jokes with the line “You guys wanna hear a joke?”
captain kirk punny jokes

Anyone else stuck doing laundry?

House Mom Puns

At least we have the fan to keep up cool! Badda Bummmm… fan T-Shirt Pun

Who can relate….
My Neck, My Back, My Netflixs and my Snacks

We have more than this… Check this out if you’re fishinā€™ for someĀ OCEAN PUNS

Orā€¦ Monkey around with someĀ ANIMAL PUNS

And Thenā€¦ Get ready to head back to work with this punny OFFICE PUNS

I like her attitude!Ā no prob-lama t-shirt pun idea

Gotta give the guy some credit for making people laugh even when times are toughspread some cheddar beggar

I shouldn’t have laughed so hard at this, but I’m Mexican and we like to stab things.stitched and stabbed

and then she said to… libra alone!taurus apart pun

Well she got you socks, didn’t she?tupac of socks

Eeyore, is that you?Ā a belt out of was a waste of time

I was hoping for a new pair of loafers for Christmas.


Want another bread pun? Here you dough….

Bread Shereen Pun

These Punny jokes are killing me, you should probably start….

taking notes - music pun

We shouldn’t take puns so seriously, but sometimes, music is the death of us…

death pun

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