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Artist Submission Guidelines

Do you want your punny designs featured on The absolutely free? We are always looking for good designers to produce amazing and punny products. You can now submit your designs to be featured on our site for free. If your designs are approved you will become eligible for commissions and bonuses as well as a featured artists page. Use your skills to get your name and your art into the world the easy way!

At the we create amazing products out of designs from artists all over the country. You will not only be featured on the, but we have partnered with the Artist Dashboard to have your designs featured on their website, as well as your very own artist profile. Highlight all of your best work and show the world! Scroll below for more information on the program.

Advantages of Submitting Your Designs

  • Exposure: Get your name out there, and get a featured artists profile!
  • Enhance Your Portfolio: Use our platform to enhance your portfolio!
  • Commission Eligible: All designs used on The are eligible for up to 10% commission rates!
  • Bonus Eligible: The most popular designs get a monthly bonus of up to $500!
  • Pure Entertainment: What’s more fun than creating punny designs that people will love?

Submission Guidelines for the Featured Artist Program:


  1. All submissions must be your original work.
  2. Work submitted with watermarks will be declined.
  3. You can submit as many designs as you want.
  4. Submissions take 4 weeks to review – you can skip this process by paying $20 for Product Advertising.
  5. No reason will be given for submissions declined.
  6. All other inquires can be emailed to
  7. If your design is chosen you will get a product with your design featured on it.

Commission & Bonus Information: 


If your design is chosen you will be eligible for a 8-10% commission on every product sold using your design. The determination of your commissions will be based off of the number of products sold.

Commission Scale:

Bonus Information:

How to Submit Your Designs:


You will need to send an email to In the email you will need to make sure the following is included:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Contact Information (preferred email, phone number and address)
  3. You Design (format details above)
  4. About you paragraph/introduction, with any information you want us to consider


If your design is approved we will contact you to set up your Artist Profile page and talk about your work and how the commission and bonus plan. All commissions and bonus’ are paid out through paypal — no exceptions.


If you have any questions about this process, please email us at