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Are you interested in Advertising on The Salty Pun? We have 2 kinds of advertising available, product advertising and banner advertising. Learn more about these programs below.


The Salty Pun Product Advertising: 


Do you have a pun product you would like to advertise on our site? We can place your products on our site for $25 per product. Use the order form below to sign up for Product Advertisements. Once payment is made, products will appear on our website within 3 business days.
Salty Pun Product Advertising

What Will My Product Listing Look Like?

Each product listing will look like the image pictures to the left. We can add up to 5 images per product. Please include a URL to the product and any desired text you would like included in your product listing along with pricing information.

Can I submit a design, instead of a product?

Yes, please see the submission guidelines for submitting graphics for use in the various products we create.

How Long Will My Product Be Listed On The Site?

We will list your product until we find the product link no longer works or if you ask us to remove the listing from our site. All deletions will take 5 business days.

Will I earn commissions or bonuses from my designs?

Yes, you will earn commissions and bonus’ for your designs at the same rates as Featured Artists. The commission and bonus charts can be found on the Submission Guidelines page.

How many products can I put on The

You can submit as many products as you would like. Not all products will be approved. Partial refunds will be given for designs that get rejected.

What happens if my product gets rejected?

We will email you, at the email address you gave us upon submission, to let you know your product has been rejected, and we will automatically refund $15.00. No explanation will be given for any products that are rejected. No revisions will be allowed either. If you wish to resubmit a product you will need to start a new product advertisement purchase for $25.

Why do you keep my money if you reject my work? 

Evaluating whether a product meets our standards takes time and resources. We couldn’t offer this program if we can’t cover the costs of reviewing product designs. You can always submit a graphic to us for use in the various products we create without charge. Please see the submission guidelines for submitting pun designs.

To order Product Advertisement, please purchase using the below button: 

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Order Product Advertising 


In addition to product advertising we do offer banner and sponsorship advertising opportunities. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

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