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2018 Puns: Start 2018 With Some Fun Puns!

Here are some Fun Puns to Start your Year off With! 

2018 Puns for you! Take a break and enjoy this hodge podge of fun puns! From animal puns to office puns and more you are sure to start the year off with a laugh!


Oh Deer, what a silly fun pun

Oh Deer Pun


Here’s a little StrawBEARy to brighten your day 🙂 

Find All the Animal Puns you can bear here! 
Strawbeary Pun - Bear Pun


What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Reading? 

A Bookkeeper!
What do you call someone who loves reading? A Bookkeeper

When I Think About Books I Touch My Shelf, Funny Pun T-Shirtbook puns

Need some Cheesy Puns? Here’s one for you! 

Want more Food Puns? Check them out here! cheesy puns

Christmas may be over, but then Christmas Puns are still pretty funny! christmas puns

Do you see the Coffee and Cigarette? Is this considered a pun, or just a bit of fun? Funny Puns

This boy lost this battle of wits — this girls puns are on point! Funny Pun Conversation


Date a Runner, every other athlete is a player! How’s that for a witty pick-up line — on a shirt… Dating Puns


If you were a BOOK, I’d never put you down — Use this punny pick-up line, we’re totally sure it will work! Book Puns So Slow Puns deer puns english muffin pun


Music Lovers shouldn’t take it so literally! 

Taking Notes Puns - Music Puns


Say this without singing it, I dare you! I shot the seriffff….

I shot the Serif Pun

A fun pun for my introverted friends and book lovers!

My Weekend is all Booked Puns Alphabet Puns


This is pretty clever, I approve of the language puns! Love the wit! 

English Puns


All of this is just what?!?!? Satire Puns



I approoooove of this message!Deja Moo Cow Animal Pun



Dating puns just come together sometimes…Dating Puns English Teacher Puns English vs Math Puns Dewey Decimal Puns Tomato Puns



Halloween is over, but here are a ton more Halloween Puns to check out! 

Halloween Puns! halloween puns harry potter puns mario puns marriage puns Giraffe Puns Math Puns Grabbed but Mist Puns Loki Movie Pun Mulan Movie Pun Disney Movies Pun Tequila Puns New Year Puns notebook pun Blue Collar Puns


Give Peas a chance… 

peace puns peach puns punk rock pun rhino puns Rock Puns


Who did this? This is the best Graduation Pun I’ve ever seen! school puns



When you want to be annoying at work, pull out this fun pun! school puns



Encourage yourself! You Snailed It! snail puns



This is the cutest otter space pun I’ve ever seen! Otter Space Puns



Use this fun pun design for any science lover! Negative Space Pun



A Baseball Pun for you Sports Lovers! Baseball Puns Star Wars Puns - storm scoopers pun Taco Puns


These funny Valentine’s Day Puns are pretty lovely! 

Smore Puns - Valentines Day


Another V-Day Pun! 

valentines puns



This kind of celebrity fun puns always has me laughing too hard… Will Smith Puns withdrawn book puns

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