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2017 Pun Halloween Costume Ideas

halloween punsHalloween Pun Costume Ideas


Pun costumes are always the highlight of every party. Here are some ideas if you are looking for pun Halloween costumes this year.

Scroll down to find a gallery compiled from all over the web.

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Simple Pun Costume Ideas for 2017


Here are some easy costumes you can piece together to make a really punny costume this Halloween. Check back as I update this daily until Halloween. If you have a suggestion, feel free to submit it using the form in the sidebar of our website.

awesome teashirt

An Awesome Tea-Shirt – Pun Costume


Materials Needed:

  • White Shirt – try to find something flowing and loose: Try This Shirt from Amazon
  • Brown Dye for Clothing (Like This)
  • String – use any old yarn or string you have laying around the house
  • Tea Bag Tag – you can print one, or just grab one from an old tea bag

Total Cost of Materials: Approx. $20.00

You will want to dip the shirt into the dye at the bottom. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, it isn’t supposed to be.

Let it dry and wash the shirt by itself.

Approx. Time to Create: About 20 minutes of actual work and about 1 day of dying and the drying process.

boo bees t-shirt

Boo Bee’s Pun T-Shirt – Easy Pun Halloween Costume


Need a quick and cheap costume?
Throw on this cute Halloween Pun Shirt and a pair of jeans and you’re ready!

Quick, cheap and easy!

Find a ton of these shirts on Amazon

Boo-Bee’s T-Shirt, Only $12.00

Boo-Bee’s Sweatshirt, pictured, Only $23.00

Cant touch this - cactus dress

Can’t Touch This – Cactus Dress


This one is cute and can be easily made from any green sweater dress.

Materials Needed:

Total Cost of Materials: Approx. $20.00 – $40.00 (depending on which dress you choose)

Sew a bunch of yarn into the dress to resemble cactus needles.

For an added touch you can use the felt letters to glue the phrase “Can’t Touch This” to the front of the dress.

Approx. Time to Create: About 1-hr of actual work and about 4-6 hour drying process (depending on the fabric glue).

taco bell costume

Taco Belle – Pun Costume


I have no idea where to find this dress, but it is quite a punny costume. If you want to recreate this without the dress just hit up a Taco Bell beforehand and pick up some taco bell merchandise to bring with you.

Materials Needed:

Total Cost of Materials: Approx. $20.00 – $150 (depending on the which Belle costume you choose)


Other Pun Halloween Costume Ideas


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