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navy seals - Ocean Punsmovie punsmoose animal punsocean puns on purposebook punsocean punsanimal punsmore animal puns - oh deerspace puns

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We are all about fun and puns here at The Salty Pun, that’s why we look for the unique designs that show off personality. We like it a bit salty, and sweet and we don’t fit stereotypes to please others. We sell a tons of fun novelty gifts and items, and we look for new products every day, our inventory is ALWAYS changing!

Whether you are looking for pun gifts or personalized home decor and clothing you will find it at the Salty Pun Shop. Check it out today and receive 15% off any order of $25 or more.

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Whatever I'm Late AnywaysYour Argument is irrelephantLet's Get Slothed

 ‘Whatever I’m Late Anyway’
I’m Late Watch

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 ‘Your Argument is Irrelephant’
Elephant Coffee Mug

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 ‘Let’s Get Slothed’
Stemless Wine Glass

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Salty Meme Collection

Feeling a little salty? Check out our punny collection of salty memes!

be the salt damn bitch you salty extra salty meme flavors salty feeling salty hilary salty im salty as fuck lightly salted getting saltymad saltyhow saltynot salty salt meme 03 salty as fucksalty bitch 01Salt Detectorsalty bro 02 salty and soursalty brosalty bitchsalty meme 03 salty meme salty nuts salty meme02salty strong meme salty sea salt meme so salty bro so salty spices salty meme stay salty still so salty stay salty memestop being salty why you saltyyou salty 01why so salty all these flavors salty salty fries salty bitch 02

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Kill some time at work with these theme pun filled posts! From ocean puns to animal puns to inappropriate puns, we have the funniest and most head shaking puns you will find anywhere on the web! We update each post monthly with the latest and greatest. Check back often for all the monthly pun fun you need! And don’t forget to visit the pun shop for all the best pun and fun gifts you could ever need.

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Artists Wanted!Do you want your punny designs featured on The Submit your designs today to become eligible for commissions and bonuses as well as a featured artists page. Get your name and your art into the world the easy way. At the we create amazing products out of designs from artists all over the country. You will not only be featured on the, but we have partnered with the Artist Dashboard to have your designs featured on their website, as well as your very own artist profile. Highlight all of your best work and show the world!

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